Seiko Chronographe Hommes SSB027P1 - MONTRES DE MEILLEURE QUALITÉ
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Seiko Chronographe pour hommes SSB027P1

Seiko Chronographe pour hommes SSB027P1

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Posté par john le 24 mars 2016

L'article est arrivé à l'heure et a été bien emballé.


Posted by raymond on 9th Jan 2016

un service brillant, une super qualité, Seiko comme d'habitude.

Superbe Seiko chronographe.  

Posté par Unknown le 3 mai 2014

This is a superb watch from Seiko. I know nothing about chronographs, but I know what I like, and judging by this watch, it is very impressive indeed. It looks similar to the R*lex Daytona, indeed this was one of my reasons for buying it. Seiko is of course a solid contender in the decent watch category, and for the price, you get a lot of wristwatch. Accuracy is what would expect from Seiko, and it doesn't let you down here, that added to the large hands, it makes reading the time simple (I have long distance vision, but can read the time on this watch easily). All in all a great purchase, I am very happy.