Seiko Mens Kinetic SRN051P1 - BEST QUALITY WATCHES
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Seiko Hommes Cinétique SRN051P1 SRN051P1

Seiko Hommes Cinétique SRN051P1 SRN051P1

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A Best Buy from Seiko  

Posted by Amac on 4th Mar 2017

As owner of 3 other Seiko watches, all 15/25 years old I was confident that quality and value for money could be taken as read. The face on this kinetic version is larger than the others at 42mm. producing an attractive appearance while incorporating day and date facilities. A calfskin strap further enhances the appearance to give the end product a real quality feel. Setup instructions are easy to follow with the watch being fully charged and ready to wear in a matter of minutes.
Overall I'm delighted with my purchase. If it performs as well as my other Seiko watches it will fully deserve the 5 stars I rewarded to it.